Industrial Minerals


Marfil™ is a hight grade Barite powder that can be used across many industrial applications. It is manufactured from the highest quiality natural barium sulfate ore. Its fine grind, high specific gravity, low solubility and quemical inertness makes it an ideal product for many industries.

Marfil™ color is light tan to grey and is widely used in the fields of paint, plastics, rubber, automotives, sporting goods, papper, pottery, medicine and many more.

Milwhite, Inc. enforces a strict quality control process during manufacturing that results in a consistently high grade barite product.


Microwate™ is manufactured from celestite ore, a natural form of Strontium Sulfate. It is processed from select deposits of naturally ocurring strontium sulfates. Microwate™ is closely graded to ensure consistent chemestry and color. The chemically inert powder is white, odorless and non-toxic.

Microwate™ is similar in its properties to barite. The similarity with barium sulfate products makes Microwate™ an ideal and cost effective alternative in many uses. Microwate™ is designed for the plastics, paint and coatings and cellular foam markets.